Virgin blogger alert!

I’ve finally taken the plunge and started my own blog – a time to celebrate surely!  It’s actually quite nerve-wracking and proved pretty stressful getting it set up correctly (that’s a blog post for later on – what I learned and would have done differently) but a huge thanks to Lilach Bullock at Socialable for helping me out with her patience and knowledge!

I’ve lost my blogging cherry!

Anyway, after several months of wanting to start my own blog I stopped procrastinating and started writing…I’ve finally lost my blogging cherry!

The usual excuses prevailed – not enough time, I’ve got a job, no-one will read it – which are all pretty lame and most of us have used these before.

But if you love writing and have a passion for something, then don’t put if off – get started.

Find your happy place

And this is my first post…crikey…what to write?  What to say?! Why am I doing this?!  Well the motivation came while on holiday recently in Mexico.

I was in what became my happy place (see right) and decided enough was enough – let’s do it…stop putting it off; no more lame excuses; just get on with it!

Well, first let’s put your mind at rest – this won’t just be a broadcasting channel for me to shout about what I think is best.  Yes it will mainly be sharing my views on social media, PR, comms, marketing and all things digital, but I am here to learn – I’ll be interviewing various leaders in their fields and of course if you agree, disagree or have a slightly different take on something then let me know…post a comment and let’s engage!

I will also be writing about less business-focused stuff too – from my hobbies (mainly revolving around gardening and sports) to oddities to travel stories to whatever tickles my fancy!  But it’s mostly a blog about digital communications and marketing.

Will this be any good?  Let’s see how it goes – ultimately, you will decide!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy what you read and come back for more.  I’d better get writing…

Let’s get writing…!

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While consistently balancing the need for sustainable, impactful campaigns that incorporate PR, social/digital media and external communications in the mix, I ensure that game-changing strategies are aligned to commercial goals and objectives. Passionate about social media, the value of digital properties and PR, I have a proven track record of successfully leading various PR-specific and multi-discipline marketing campaigns. Internal comms, crisis comms and stakeholder liaison is also a core strength of mine.

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