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Lilach ForbesI’ve had the privilege of knowing visionary entrepreneur Lilach Bullock for a couple of years now, and learned a great deal from her along the way.  For such a busy and successful business woman, it’s an honour to have her time for an interview!  Not least when you consider that she has recently been listed in @Forbes magazines not just once, but twice, in the last couple of weeks for being a social media power player in both the women’s category and also amongst the men and woman.

You’re a hugely respected digital expert and a leading UK female entrepreneur – tell us a bit about what you do

Well first of all, thank you! I do so many things but in a nutshell I am the founder of Socialable, a social media consultant, blogger, speaker and trainer.

As well as running my own business I juggle being a mum and Zumba 🙂

No.-10-Downing-StreetYou’ve been to Downing Street too – why was that and when?

I went to Downing Street back in 2008, as I was nominated for “Best Mumpreneur of the Year”. It was such a privilege and it was especially exciting for me, as I had only been running my business for two years (this was with my old business that I then sold in 2009). Looking back now, it was a huge milestone in my career.

And what about your recent ranking in Forbes’ Top 20 Women Social Media Influencers?  Can we expect to see you on the cover anytime soon?!

Haha that would be awesome! I was absolutely thrilled when I found out I was in the Forbes top 20, it was such a huge honor to be listed among such other influential and amazing women. Who knows when I’ll be on the cover!  I’m excited about my upcoming interview with Forbes and looking forward to sharing that with my readers.

Your blog has unbelievable viewing figures [a crazy 496,000 monthly page views!] – what do you put its success down to?

Lots of extremely hard work!  In all honesty though I’ve been online for a while now and that has helped as it can take time to build up a loyal readership. What I also think has helped along the way is that I always strived to offer immense value to my readers. I think my love of trying out new tools that not only save time but also make online marketing more effective as well as uncovering traffic “tricks” has also been instrumental in Socialable’s success.

globally connectedYou also attract a lot of visitors from across the pond in the US – why do you think that is the case?  Have you actively targeted that market?

We now generate more traffic and clients from the US than the UK! But to be honest, I’m not completely sure how that happened, as I haven’t actively tried to do that. That’s the beauty of social media and one of the reasons why I love it so much – you can reach anyone in the world and the opportunities can be endless.

How do you find the time to create so much new and compelling content?  What inspires you?

I have to admit I’m guilty of being a workaholic working crazy hours – and that definitely helps with creating lots of new content! But on a more serious note, helping others inspires me and by researching my content I find lots of useful tools and information that I can then use to help others, so that is great motivation.  I’m also very lucky, as I love pretty much everything to do with online marketing so it’s a lot easier to write content that you’re passionate about!

I still see companies getting social media wrong – simply broadcasting messages and sharing way too much content.  Why is that?

I think that although social media has been around for some time, many still don’t get it and they don’t understand that not everyone can do it effectively. They don’t understand that it’s not just about broadcasting your message constantly and incessantly, but more about engaging, listening, building relationships and trust.  It still shocks me that there are so many companies getting it wrong, both large brands as well as smaller ones!

How can Socialable help them get it right?

We take the time to really understand what companies and organizations challenges are. What problems and issues they may have, what their goals are both in terms of online and offline.  A big part of what we do is helping clients identify who their target market is and ensuring that their branding and messaging are coherent.  With that knowledge we can then start reaching their audience, increasing engagement, brand awareness etc. which then results into more leads, traffic and ultimately more sales.

We also try to educate clients on good practice techniques so that their online marketing is as effective as possible and that they’re not reliant on us long term.

socialtvWhat will be the next big thing in social media?  Social TV?  Social CRM?  Social Shopping?

Interesting question…Well I think that Social TV is already a big thing, especially because of YouTube, but also because so many TV stations broadcast online as well as on regular TVs and their viewers can easily share with their friends and followers. In a few years however I’m convinced that almost all (if not all) TV sets will have social sharing options built in.

Do you think Social Influence is a false metric based on volume?

The problem with the majority of the social influence tools is that they calculate it just based on volume, which makes no sense. It’s about so much more than that, there are so many other factors involved, such as levels of engagement, but these tools are limited because they are free. They do offer some degree of insight, but people should take them with a pinch of salt in my opinion. Almost anyone can grow their follower list with a little effort, but that doesn’t mean a thing if it’s not backed up by engagement, which comes with interested followers. Many people use these tools to give themselves more credibility, which can be very frustrating if they’re not actually that great at their jobs.

You now have around 75,000 followers on twitter – how have you amassed such a large following?

I’ve been using Twitter since the early days, and it’s taken a long time to get here, it definitely hasn’t happened overnight. I’m very lucky that my followers are very loyal and I’ve built some brilliant relationships with many of them. I think one of the tricks is to try to respond to as many as possible and to try to offer great value to them without being salesy.

socialable-facebook2And what’s next for Socialable?

I’m really excited about our new project that we’re launching shortly – Socialable Media Blast+, which will be a tailored service for business owners wanting fast and effective marketing results; plus many other wonderful and fun projects.  Watch this space!

statsAnd finally, I love to ask my interviewees what the last thing is that they do at night…but what’s the first thing you do in the morning?  Check your blog metrics and comments?

Haha, how did you know? I have to admit I’m a little addicted to checking my stats and it’s always the first thing I do in the morning. After that, it’s time for my emails, comments on my blog and of course Twitter.

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  2. […] delighted to be interviewed by my good friend Dan Purvis, a leading digital marketer for his Digital Musings Blog.  If you want to know what my thoughts are on social influence tools and what I do first thing in […]

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