@MarketingM8 discusses #socialmedia & his new satirical novel: #CutLimbo

Peter Masters - Cut LimboI had the pleasure of getting to know Pete Masters (I know him as @marketingm8) on twitter a couple of years ago – someone who was hugely active across multiple social media networks, took the time to get to reply, engage and get to know those he engaged with, and is a colourful chap as well!

A former punk lead vocalist and now a published author, below is my quick Q&A with him.  But first, I encourage all of you to read his new book – download it here from Amazon.  If you like dark humour, then you’ll love “Cut Limbo: Running Away is never easy” – just reading the excerpts on Amazon will whet your appetite!  I’ve also included a synopsis below this post that Pete provided me with.

1.       Ok Peter, tell us a bit about yourself and what you do

I used to be MarketingM8 and very active with social media; a social media evangelist I guess but my (young) wife & kids missed me. Since 2012 I’ve been working as a business development manager for a friend’s company and it’s great to be back in the real world. I’m now a published author…!  [Editor’s note – this blog post of Pete’s will help give some context.]

2.       You had high levels of engagement across various social media platforms – how did you find the time?!

I used to work from around 5,30am until 9pm, 6 or 7 days a week. NOT healthy but I did love it! I’m obsessive by nature.

3.       You also have very good traffic to your MarketingM8 blog and generate good volumes of comments and shares on your posts – what’s your secret?

My secret was mega social media connectivity, as simple as that. As I always maintained: a blog post is just words and pictures without an audience.

4.       You were an early adopter of Empire Avenue, which has its cynics…what makes it a useful social networking tool for you?

Pete Masters Empire AvenueI was the highest performing UK business for the longest time and I met tons of great people but I couldn’t spare the time. My family needed me more.  Since my 12 months out, I’ve gone back on there to help publicise my new book – some excellent people are on there!

5.       What is(are) the biggest social media trend(s) right now?

Luckily the ‘scene’ has calmed down a little, Pinterest seems popular, but I don’t quite get it (as yet). I need to read your article!!

6.       You work with a lot of businesses and help them navigate the digital maze – what are the common issues they come to you with and want you to solve for them?

Most businesses want proof that SM is worth while and for lots of companies it’s NOT. Small companies tend to try and then give up because they don’t have the resources.

7.       For people who are just starting their own blog (like me!), what is the most important piece of advice you would want to share?

You’ve got a good style & you keep it interesting, that’s good, just use Stumbleupon as much as possible, read lots of other blogs (quite a lot are not that exciting) AND use Blokube and all those other Blog promotion sites as much as possible. Leave comments on lots of blogs too!

8.       What’s the first thing you do when you wake up – check your blog, check twitter, listen to the news, or make a cuppa?

Make my wife a cup of coffee and get the kids awake & ready for skool.

9.       What’s your favourite music/band?

Too many! Pil, Gang of Four, Siouxsie & The Banshees, The Cure, Spasmodic Caress (you must check them out on YouTube – Pete is lead vocallist!), Bauhaus… old stuff, oh and George Michael & Van Morrison when I’m feeling mellow.

relax-pic10.   When not doing your day job, how do you switch off?

I read Elmore Leonard and Carl Hiassun books, among others. I also write – my satirical novel Cut Limbo is now published and available on Amazon…. it’s very funny and will be a major surprise I’m sure! I also love to hang out with my family and dream of going back to live in our house the jungle (Philippines).

A synopsis of Pete’s “Cut Limbo”:

Panky Wellard is a drug dealer with some serious problems, but it’s not just the booze and cocaine. He’s broke, he owes the ‘Russian mob’ $100,000 and they’re not happy.

Meanwhile 10,000 miles away his old friend Chris Taylor is happily married, mysteriously wealthy and settled with his family in the depths of the Philippine jungle. Chris has put his sordid past well and truly behind him…or at least he thinks he has.

The Philippines seems the perfect place to hide out, in Panky’s mind it doesn’t matter that he hasn’t seen Chris for ten years, they go back a long way. So after a very disturbing flight, and a disastrous night checking out the girlie bars in Manila, Panky heads for the safety of Chris’ place.

But he’s in for some big surprises!

Still, if Panky can manage to handle it all, if he can lose the ‘ghosts’ of his recent past and stop Chris’ wife from hating him, there’s a chance things will work out ok. Ok that is until the Russian’s catch up with him.

Maybe it’s time for him to leave all the mad stuff behind? Maybe it’s time for Panky to Cut Limbo before it’s too late……

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  1. Hello Dan and thank you SO much for a great post.

    I love your presentation, your thorough research (you picked up on Empire Avenue pretty quick) and the style of writing along with good graphics. Quality work and as I’m sure you appreciate, that’s what keeps people returning to a blog.

    I’m sure Cut Limbo will be a bit of a shock to some people, it’s quite savage and certainly outrageous in parts, but always funny. As I say to my kids in the intro, don’t forget it’s a work of fiction. I’m sure people will read between the lines and see what the story is really all about. The jury is out!

    Thanks again Dan, I appreciate your time and love the enthusiasm. Have a peaceful and prosperous 2013.

    Best regards, Pete (Shared on Twitter, Facebook, Stumbleupon and Google+)

    • Thanks Pete, and no worries – really appreciate you spending the time on this and your kind words!

      I’m looking forward to reading it on holiday in a couple of months’ time 🙂

      I need to get back in the blogging groove this month after a quiet couple of months as I settled into my new job!!

  2. Some interesting questions and equally good insights – thank you.

    Resource is definitely a problem for small businesses [Q 6] but I also think that one of the main problems with companies giving up on social media [because it doesn’t deliver the results they hope for] is that they don’t actually know what is realistic to expect. They also don’t know how to measure success or failure [because they don’t have a clear objective] and don’t have a plan that will help them achieve it. They just spend time ‘doing’ social media.

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