Is this the 36th best global Influence #Marketing blog?

36th out of 50 global marketing blogsDon’t get me wrong – I am pretty darn chuffed to have Digital Musings rank as the 36th best global influence marketing blog! But it’s highlighted three things to me:

  • My blog is better than I thought
  • I don’t post anywhere near as often as I should
  • Algorithms can be misleading

The folks at Inkybee have been busy…erm…bees.  So what’s all the fuss about then?

You’ll have seen from my Does Social Influence really matter? post that I’m quite a cynic when it comes to artificial intelligence and algorithms that try to rank humans based on their digital and social activity.

However, this ranking made me sit up and take notice (not just because my ego got stroked!) because my blog generates ‘decent’ traffic…but not huge traffic.  Various posts generate ‘decent’ shares across the social networks…but not massive amounts.  So clearly this ranking wasn’t a case of the system being gamed by quantity.

Inkybee have been extremely transparent about their algorithm and methodology – I applaud them for this and also for their disclaimer that they’re not trying to suggest that this is a definite, 100% correct list.  You can read their approach here.

Methodology disclaimer

Have a read of their methodology and let me know if you agree or disagree.

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  1. Thanks, Dan. I’m glad the analysis stirred you into some positive blogging action. We are certainly big believers in the power of blogs. And I don’t disagree that “algorithms can be misleading”. Especially if anyone tries to get a definitive answer as a result of them – hence our caveat about “50 of the best”. Over time we will refine and improve them, but they are never perfect. There is no manual curation in the process, but I do have to admit to manually checking the results when we are publishing them like this and your blog certainly passed all the tests, so no question it deserves to be in there. Lots more interesting lists and other analyses coming from Inkybee, so watch this space!

    • Thanks for your comment, Hugh – appreciate you taking the time. Having some kind of ranking mechanism for the plethora of blogs out there can help save a lot of time and effort researching which ones are relevant for a particular business or target market. So it’s great to have this list from you guys. And it’s also great to hear that Digital Musings ticked the right boxes!
      I’d love to interview you, perhaps to get your thoughts on best practice for researching the right blogs for the right audience. It would be a good counter-balance to my “Does Social Influence really matter?” post. Let me know if this appeals.
      In the meantime, I’ll keep an eye out for more stuff from you folks at Inkybee.

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