Customer Programmes – what’s the point?

All organisations should initiate a Customer Programme. There are no better ambassadors for a brand than happy customers.

Customer advocacy can become a vital strategic cog in your ability to grow your business – from retaining current clients and, ideally, organically growing your client base, to arming your sales force with the right ammo to open doors with prospects and win new business.

For me, a Customer Programme is no longer a fluffy PR exercise – it must be seen as an essential part of the sales toolkit for any business. A company that doesn’t have any or many case studies would make me question how good or reliable they are.

And the variety of multi-purpose content you can produce is great for your digital footprint and also helps with SEO. Case studies, anecdotal references, quotes, short video interviews, podcasts and so on can all be created.  What’s more, you can use this content on your website, YouTube channel, in award entries, within PR and marketing collateral or pitches, or your customer could even conduct media / blogger interviews…the list is endless.

The key thing is not to stick with a single content approach – people rarely have the time nor inclination to read a two-page case study.  Although case studies are great supporting documents, I would much rather have something visual and easily digestible, such as a 2- or 3-minute video of your customer evangelising about your service or product.

This multichannel approach will not only flow across your digital and social channels to reach your target audience or inform the press, blogger and analyst communities, but will also help internally – employees will love the additional collateral to share with customers and prospects, while also increasing their confidence in your brand.

And there isn’t a much more effective or credible way of de-positioning the competition than third party endorsements.

I’d love to hear your thoughts, experiences and successes of running Customer Programmes – please do comment, get in touch or share across your social networks!

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