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In my fourth interview, Shaun Fagan introduces us to his social media agency, Black Dog New Media, talks about social branding, and of course Preston North End Football Club and pies! But if you want to know how and why he named his agency – you’ll need to think about it!

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1.       Ok Shaun, tell us a bit about yourself and what you do

An exiled northern monkey living down South. I like the simple things in life, a pie and a pint and watching my favourite team (PNEFC) is my idea of heaven 😉 I also run my own social media agency, Black Dog New Media and enjoy having fun getting businesses to understand and properly exploit social media.

2.       You established Black Dog New Media just over 2 years ago – what do you guys do?

It’s more a case of what we don’t do to be honest! We soon realised that there’s little point in providing standard packages to businesses because no two companies are the same. We run the social media gamut, from project based consultancy through to a fully managed social media service as well as providing social account strategy and content management, branding, design, training and workshops. A niche specialism of ours is social space branding – you can can see examples of our work in this space on Pinterest here.

4.       You’re of course on Twitter, but how do you approach it – are you a broadcaster, an engager, a voyeur, a teacher, a listener….?

All of the above! We love Twitter because it is so flexible and adaptable to what we’re trying to do (sometimes simultaneously, which can be interesting!)

5.       Back to Black Dog New Media – a pretty distinctive name!  How did you dream that one up?!

I’ll let people take a guess. Options…

1. Named after Churchill’s depression

2. Named after the two-piece electronic band “The Black Dog”,

3. Named after the Ivor Cutler track “Old Black Dog”

Or 4. I have a black labrador 😉

6.       What’s the most common obstacle clients put in your way for undertaking a social media initiative?

Umm 12 months or so a go it would have been good old fashioned general scepticism but these days we see little if any in the way of argument to be had as to why businesses should be all over social media like a rash, it’s more usually lack of time or understanding of how some of the platforms and channels work (which is where we come in)

8.       What do you think of Pinterest – valuable for brands or more for individuals?

I think Pinterest is great, but only for certain types of businesses or organisations. To be honest the same is true for social media full stop. Companies need to be mindful that social media is there to help them meet their business goals and shouldn’t be used just for the sake of it.

9.       What’s the last thing you do at night – check Twitter, browse your inbox, make a cup of Horlicks, watch the news, take your dentures out…?

Horlicks? Do you mind, I’m not that old! It varies but it’s most certainly not my mail inbox. Recently I was on Facebook till late but that was probably down to playing with my new Nexus 7 tablet!

10.   And finally…what do you do to switch off?

What, you mean people switch off 😉 Nah, that’s a no-brainer – get along to Deepdale (the home of football) with my boys!

Shaun loves a butter pie…!

Thanks Shaun – hope everyone enjoyed this quick interview!  You can connect with Shaun and Black Dog New Media here:

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  1. Thanks Dan! I still find it odd people don’t know what butter pies are 😉

    • No worries – social branding is a great topic…we should explore that with a post later on. I’m not sure what’s more odd…you loving them or people not knowing what they are.

  2. Hi Dan – Fun interview with Shaun, who’s a top guy – and leading-edge when it comes to getting people to calm down and use social media sensibly.
    Butter pies are beautifully named, but – having consumed many of them – I have to ask: Where’s the beef?

    • Thanks for your comment, Martin – glad you enjoyed it! Shaun’s great and I have a guest post from him to run soon too. Also, got your email (apologies for the delay) – will get back to you shortly…sounds great btw!

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