About Dan Purvis

Update:  I’m delighted to have joined Socialable as Vice President of Strategy on 6th March 2014.  So I don’t bore you with the details, you can read the press release here!

Ok, I love everything to do with social media, PR, digital, marketing and communications…and this blog reflects my passions.  But I’m not just a machine talking shop all the time!  Before we get to the “Professional Dan Purvis”, you’ll also find posts on here about my hobbies – football (Man Utd sorry!), gardening, cycling, swimming, travel (both business and pleasure) – and also anything that grabs my attention in the news, in the gossip columns, or while traveling around!

This is my first blog and I must extend a huge thanks to Lilach Bullock for her help, patience and advice in setting this up – she’s a leading UK female entrepreneur, the brains behind Socialable, and a good laugh too!

If you like what you read here, then let’s connect!  Check out The Dan Purvis Digital Footprint for my social profiles.  🙂

Digital marketing, social media, PR, communications…yes they’re about reputation, positioning, strategic messaging, brand awareness, share of voice, crisis management. I know that and you know that. But they’re also about delivering real, tangible ROI and enhancing sales. They’re about impacting the bottom-line and the top-line. I love making these last two things happen for our clients, and for Socialable.

Ok then, the corporate Dan Purvis:
While consistently balancing the need for sustainable, impactful campaigns that incorporate digital marketing, social media, PR, and internal and external communications in the mix, I ensure that game-changing strategies are aligned to commercial goals and objectives. Passionate about social media, the value of digital properties and genuine engagement, I have a proven track record of successfully leading various multi-discipline marketing campaigns. Copywriting, messaging, internal comms and stakeholder liaison are also core strengths of mine.

My success and profile led to my involvement with the London School of Economics’ ongoing research into “Semantic Polling” – essentially, comparing digital with traditional methods of communication and monitoring/reporting, and evaluating their value to modern society.

Over the last 15 years, I have built particular experience within the IT, SaaS, security, services, digital media and telecommunications arenas. This is borne out of time spent working on all manner of organisations, from small companies in niche markets to large enterprises operating pan-European and global PR campaigns.

I also have significant experience of both agency and in-house life.

Specialties: digital marketing, social media, comms, PR, crisis comms, content generation, messaging, operating across multiple regions and timezones, strategic thinker combined with the ability to implement and execute across multiple territories.