The day I was trending on Twitter!

Will the real Dan Purvis, please stand up!

Follow @danpurvis Follow Yes, there I was trending on Twitter for the first and probably only time in my life – people were tweeting me, putting messages on my Facebook wall, texting me…a lot of new tweeps were following me too! At the time (30th July 2012), I was watching #TeamGB’s male gymnastics compete in […]

Top tips for great customer advocacy

Incentivise for better results

Follow @danpurvis Follow Last week I wrote about the strategic benefits of Customer Programmes that go way beyond just a PR exercise.  I had some interesting feedback on this and requests for advice. So here are some quick tips to make sure your Programme produces some excellent advocacy material!  🙂 As always, I’d love to […]

Customer Programmes – what’s the point?

Customer Programme

Follow @danpurvis Follow All organisations should initiate a Customer Programme. There are no better ambassadors for a brand than happy customers. Customer advocacy can become a vital strategic cog in your ability to grow your business – from retaining current clients and, ideally, organically growing your client base, to arming your sales force with the […]

Know Your eCustomer – it’s time to get engaged

Charles Darwin

Follow @danpurvis Follow Knowledge is power When the 17th Century philosopher Sir Francis Bacon said: “knowledge is power” he couldn’t have possibly imagined the enormous volume of information that businesses in the 21st Century work with day-in, day-out. With the widespread adoption of Internet-based technologies we have witnessed a massive surge in the number of […]

Presenting hell? Forget boring slides; think ‘blank canvas’!

Blank canvas

Follow @danpurvis Follow Move over PowerPoint and Keynote – bring your presentations to life with Prezi!  Hang on a minute…’blank canvas’…how’s that going to help?  I’m not an artist! Before we get into that, let’s look at two of the most popular presentation tools out there – Microsoft’s PowerPoint and Apple’s Keynote.  Both have certainly […]